Kinetic Typography






Adobe Premiere Pro



3 weeks

Kinetic Typography refers to the art and technique of expression with animated text. I attended a three-week workshop by Dan Boyarski, professor from the Carnegie Mellon School of Design. The course took us through the basics of time, motion, and communication, and how to use these three to convey our message to the audience.


10 Seconds

This first project was to create a 10-second video clip use 10 distinct frames and sounds that changed every second. I was given the prompt “Voices”. I storyboarded a lot of different ideas and finalised on a sequence that shows the mind’s inner voices.



Economic Inequality

The second project was to explain a specific topic, in my case, I was given the topic of ‘Economic Inequality’. We were given the freedom to take the project in any direction we saw fit. Since the Panama Paper’s had just been leaked during the same time, I chose to use this in the video clip. My intention was to ignite the viewer’s mind to take action.