Helen Li

Iris Tong Wu

Prerna Pradeep

Will Miao



Interaction Designer

Development Lead



9 months

As part of CMU’s MHCI program, we are working on an industry sponsored capstone project. We are working with Collab, a Lisbon based contact center solutions company, who presented us with the challenge of redesigning the way their current contact center management software works.


Our Client

Collab is a European IT company that specializes in developing multimedia software solutions for contact centers. Collab produces a suite of integrated solutions to enable customer engagement across all channels and workforce management.


Our Process

At the outset of this project, we sought to understand how contact centers worked and what role technology played in enabling an effective operation. More specifically, we wanted to know what technologies are used, what processes they support, and what needs are being met by each technology.

We conducted a competitive analysis to see where our client's software stands and what features competitors offered. We used user interviews, contextual inquiries, job shadowing, fly on the wall observation and diary studies to aid us in understanding the context of a contact center along with the needs of the stakeholders. We created an affinity diagram from all of our notes.

From our research, we gained a deep understanding of the work performed by the stakeholders involved (including the key tasks, what situations trigger an action and what information was necessary at the moment). We also identified areas where the existing solution may be hindering them from optimal performance.

We then moved to our design phase where we conducted design sprints and tested our designs with the stakeholders. We iterated over the design based on feedback received. 

Final product cannot be disclosed due to NDA.

Creating an affinity diagram based on our interview notes

Creating an affinity diagram based on our interview notes